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'Brigids and Patricias', Edel Meade's Album for Irish Women

Edel Meade is releasing her second album 'Brigids and Patricias', on the 8th of March for International Women's Day. An important day to empower women's rights, to fight for our equality and celebrate women's achievement. Here's what’s on for International Women’s Day 2021 in Ireland. Edel Meade is an Irish artist with a Jazz, Folk and Contemporary style of music. Her voice is hypnotising and ethereal, and her songs have this unique haunting Irish charm. After getting a journalism degree, she auditioned for a degree in Jazz Performance at Newpark Music Centre in Dublin where she learnt music skills. At the same time, she was a freelance journalist working with a number of Ireland's leading media groups. She released her debut album 'Blue Fantasia' in 2017, a mix of original compositions and re-worked Jazz classics. Her original music has been recorded by Grammy-nominated musician Camila Meza and the Roberto Danobeitia ensemble, the Scott Flanigan Piano Trio and has been included in the repertoire of acclaimed Irish vocalist, Honor Heffernan.

Edel Meade photographed by Berit Alits

She released a single earlier this year called 'Song For Bridget Cleary', chosen as one of Cian Ó Cíobháin's top tracks of 2020. Her second album 'Brigids and Patricias' is a new collection of strong inspiring songs and reflects on what it means to be an Irish woman living in the 21st century in Ireland, a country shaped by history, legends and modern culture. One of its brilliant songs is 'Song For Bridget Cleary', which is about an Irish woman killed by her husband in 1895. Bridget Cleary was burnt alive in Co. Tipperary, her husband, believed that fairies had kidnapped her with a changeling left in her place. He also claimed to have killed only the changeling. A murder that shows one of the darkest times of Ireland. Edel Meade wrote here a powerful homage to Bridget. Another song from the album, 'Long Way To Go' is a scintillating spoken-word piece defying misogyny and the cervical smear scandal in Ireland.

Edel Meade photographed by Berit Alits

'Song For Bridget Cleary', is bewitching. Edel's voice is irresistible and has this rare magnetism that makes you play the song on repeat. We can hear the crows and ravens in the background, adding a gothic and mysterious atmosphere to the lyrics. Edel Meade has this particular Irish way of singing and her voice reminds me of artists like Sive and Lemoncello. Edel Meade is an artist to follow closely, her beautiful and meaningful songs have the power to change the course for women’s rights.

“Sophisticated, disarmingly personal songs”

The Irish Times

“Meade’s voice oozes sensuality” `


"One of the most powerful vocal performances of late."


'Brigids and Patricias' is out on the 8th of March 2021.

Listen to 'Song For Bridget Cleary' on Spotify, Bandcamp and Youtube.

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