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A Journey of Life, 'The Big Hearted Way' by Theresa Rock

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

The BookHub Publishing sent me two intriguing books. Dr Niall MacGiolla Bhuí is The Book Hub Publishing Group Senior Communications Consultant, and he asked me if I was interested in receiving two books that would - in his opinion, fit with my taste. Of course, I said yes, and I am beyond happy and moved to have read those two brilliant books.

The first one is The Big Hearted Way by Theresa Rock. Theresa is an Irish writer and the Big Hearted Way program's creator, an emotional, spiritual program plan. She advises her audience a stimulating mix of her own experiences and insights to help people love and know themselves. Theresa lives in County Galway with her two children.


So many people are feeling overwhelmed, disillusioned and weary with life. They crave a sense of peace within. The Big Hearted Way offers the compassionate support we all need to grow through difficult times, so that we can truly love and know ourselves.

Theresa Rock wrote this book to help people understand the Big Hearted Way program's map and steps. In the first part, she talks about her story, her experiences as a little girl, a teenager, and then as a woman. With time, she really looks at her past and stories with a kind eye, logic and analytic attitude. She realised that way often; we tend to please others more than we please ourselves. We sometimes get into romantic and unhealthy relationships because we don't want and/or don't try to love ourselves first. I loved the analyse she made over her experiences - good or bad. I found myself a lot in those stories, and I took my time to really examine my own path. The second part of the book focuses on the pieces of advice that she recommends to follow. Theresa talks to your heart, your soul, and gives you hope to heal and improve to love yourself better. She also advises a form of prayer, a prayer directly connected to your soul, your instinct. As a woman, I felt understood and encouraged to be a better person, to forgive myself more, and not be too hard on my perspectives.

"Most of us are living a life that is based on who we think we should be and who we have been told we are. But very often the identity we live by is not who we really are. It is not aligned with our soul."

I recommend this book if you're a woman, to help you to find yourself. And if you're a man, to immerse yourself into a woman's life, and understand maybe what could have been or could be your mother, your sister, your daughter or your partner's life and feelings: a powerful journey.

Check out Theresa Rock's Website.

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